Anna Biosciences is a drug discovery company that uses decentralized partnerships to develop and advance new therapies for better patient outcomes.

Current Science

Anna Biosciences’ first initiative, the Syntem Platform, is developing proprietary molecules to create synthetic immunity. Our initial efforts are focused on virology, immuno-oncology, and neurodegenerative diseases. The platform’s multi-specific molecules first target and flag the pathology, and then elicit an immune reaction that targets the virus or disease.

The Syntem Platform’s proprietary molecules and treatments have the potential to yield numerous advantages including:

— Targeted therapies with minimal side effects
— Ease of administration to patients
— Ease of production
— Lower overall treatment costs

The first application of the platform is as a therapy to treat and prevent COVID-19. In addition, the company is currently working on the implementation of this approach to activate immune cells that can recognize and attack cancers.

How It Works

The Syntem Platform relies on proprietary molecules that work by flagging the pathology for recognition by the patient’s immune system by using a patented “chemical engagement” technology that enforces immune cell engagement with the targeted diseased cells or viral pathogen.

Our Technology

Immunity engagement

The Syntem platform uses proprietary new molecular entities we call covalent immune recruiters (CIR). In Syntem’s therapies, the CIRs irreversibly bind with immune machinery like serum antibodies, forcing proximity with disease target receptors (Target Protein). This enables both high precision recognition of the receptor and high precision targeting of disease.

Therapies COVID-19

Research indicates the Syntem platform can inhibit viral infection and aid in the removal of COVID-19 infected cells. Showing promise as both a prophylactic and a treatment, there is considerable hope that in addition to supporting the broader population, immunocompromised patients will be able to safely use Syntem to prevent infection. Importantly, Syntem also exhibits high potential against COVID variants. In the case of COVID-19, and coronaviruses more generally, the Syntem Platform represents a significant new tool in the arsenal against these rapidly evolving diseases.